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Candidate & Electeds Training: The Incorruptibles Model

How can you build a movement in your city so you can pass the policies your constituents want, need, and deserve?

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About This Course

After progressives get elected, no one thinks about what happens to them after that. Every day they are bombarded by requests to meet with lobbyists, developers, pro-corporate forces, and those few hundred constituents who call or email or attend their office hours — and almost all of those constituents are in the top 20% of wage earners. Every day elected officials get well-researched reports with beautiful graphs and pictures from corporate consultants or lobbyists. If the elected official listens only to the people who reach out to them, they hear only from pro-corporate interests and the top 20% of wage earners. Progressive electeds sometimes attend activist meetings to try to keep connection with progressive thought leaders, but even progressive elected officials rarely hear from the majority of under-served people in thier city/district.

Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Gayle McLaughlin, and Chokwe Lumumba have shown that elected officials have a unique ability to bring disengaged people into the political process. The top priority of every elected official must be to build the movement.

Jane MacAlevey is one of the most successful union organizers in decades. She says: if they have the money and we have the people, we can’t win if we're preaching to the choir. We worked with her to apply the tactics she uses to get 95% participation in unions to local electoral movement building.

In this course you will learn specific tactics to engage the more vulnerable, marginalized, and under-served peopel in your community and get them engaged in the political process.


There are no requirements to take this course. We do have a very light vetting process in our application.

Course Staff

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Anna Callahan

Anna Callahan quit her job as a software engineer to volunteer full time for the Bernie campaign. She is the director of The Incorruptibles, and has been at every in-person training.

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