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TIC101Candidate Training: The Incorruptibles Model

Candidate Training: The Incorruptibles Model

How can you beat an establishment politician? Learn the best practices in creating a volunteer and small donor machine that grows in ever-increasing circles.

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About This Course

Progressives are often given the same advice that establishment politicians are -- to win your campaign, get on the phone and call donors, all day, every day. This a losing strategy, because progressives will never be able to match the big donors that billionaire-backed candidates have. It is also a recipe for placing our candidates in very uncomfortabl positions, where they have to make choices between what donors want and what we, the people want.

To win as an unapolagetic progressive, candidates must win the race to get more volunteers, not more dollars. With hundreds or thousands of volunteers, progressive candidates can win and do win. Our candidate training includes tried-and-true best practices for building a machine that grows volunteers and small donations in ever-increasing circles.


There are no requirements to take this course. We do have a very light vetting process in our application.

Course Staff

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Anna Callahan

Anna Callahan quit her job as a software engineer to volunteer full time for the Bernie campaign. She is the director of The Incorruptibles, and has been at every in-person training.

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