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Incorruptible politicians aren't born,

Welcome to The Incorruptibles Academy, where you learn how to take back your government.

New model for a new movement.

We've trained activists and candidates coast to coast in a mind-blowing new model of political organizing that will fill government with true representatives of the people -- from city councils to state and national level seats.

Activists just like you

Join us as we fill all levels of government with unwavering politicians fighting for economic, racial, environmental, and social justice.

Corporate Learning

Candidate Training

Learn how to build a volunteer and small donation machine that will stay with you for as long as you are in politics.

Higher Education

Grassroots Training

Your small team can take our online training to help you quickly create a winning strategy to take over your city.

Continuing education


Join our online communities with others using our new model. From MA to OK to CA, we learn from each other.

Professional development

Elected Connections

You'll be directly in touch with elected officials form other cities to talk campaign strategies, policy ideas, and more.

We're building a movement

By connecting cities across the country in a new model of organizing, we plan to take back all levels of government. Learn more about how we do that by watching our YouTube videos.

TYT Interview The Incorruptibles YouTube Channel

Our courses:

These courses are just the beginning of what we offer to grassroots teams across the country. More workshops will follow in the coming months to cover every strategy and tactic in the new model.


Sign up now to take our courses and get the support you need to take back your government.


Support the Movement

Every donation helps us bring our winning model to another city.



The training The Incorruptibles provides is invaluable.  When I learned about the way their model supports progressive elected officials, my first thought was, 'Why haven't we been doing this from the beginning?' I immediately booked our second Incorruptibles workshop: Participatory Democracy.  As a sitting progressive mayor, I believe The Incorruptibles' training will change the nature of politics in my city for the better.  I encourage every progressive elected official to learn this effective new model.”

-- Heidi Harmon, mayor of San Luis Obispo

The model that The Incorruptibles puts forth is something that all activist organizations need to learn, especially in the current era. One of the reasons that we are in the position we are in is that we weren’t doing the work at the roots for the past 20 to 30 years. The Incorruptibles help inspire everyday voters to run for office and be more proactive in taking back local communities. I’ve told everyone I know that they need to bring this workshop to their group.”

— Rachel Distler, Our Revolution Somerville

“The workshops in Oklahoma were fabulous!  Thanks so much for giving us a template. We were just talking tonight and a board member said that the Incorruptibles workshops were the most significant thing we’ve done yet, as an Our Revolution group.  The clarity of concepts was so helpful.”

  — Board member, Our Revolution Oklahoma

Every local resistance group needs this workshop!  This is a great framework to flip the power in your own local community and build leadership for higher offices!”

-- Karen May, ActLocal

“So impressed to learn of your organization as the workshop is a must for every activist and so urgent.”

  — Activist, Burbank, CA

The novel approach The Incorruptibles takes to achieving lasting progressive change at a local level is like nothing I’ve seen before in two decades of activism.”

-- Organizer, Waltham, MA

"This is the most inspirational time I've spent in forever.  It helps lift the depression that we’ve all endured for the last year. Thank you So Much.”

-- Activist, Oklahoma City, OK

“I believe that getting The Incorruptibles’ new model of participatory democracy into the people's hands will create a level of excitement and ownership in democracy the likes of which we haven't seen in this country since females attained suffrage.”

-- Volunteer, The Incorruptibles

“I came back for a full day of workshops because I saw the value in the initial workshop.  This will truly help us move Lowell forward!

— Organizer, Lowell, MA